MG Sreekumar
May 2014
New role for M.G. Sreekumar - THE HINDU


Playback singer M.G. Sreekumar has worn several hats as producer, music composer and television host. He has also shown his face on the big screen for cameos. Now he is stepping in front of the camera as Kalyanasundaram, a musician, in a substantial role in Subil (Kukku) Surendran’s new film Ente Sathyanweshana Pareekshakal , which is being shot in the city.

“He has a fantastic get-up and is a terrific actor, absolutely on the spot with his timing and dialogue delivery. In the film, he is addressed as Swami. He surprised all of us with his acting skills. Sreekumar is the ideal replacement for so many character actors who are no longer with us. In fact, I think he should seriously think of taking up more of acting assignments,” says Kukku.

Sreekumar is also the composer of the film.